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Gas hob

I'm fitting a new kitchen on a narrowboat. Can I use a natural gas domestic hob using propane or do I need to buy a hob made specifically for a boat? Thanks, Jo

Asked by: joannagreen  | 1.41pm, Wednesday 29 October

WW says:

The burner jets in hobs are specific to the fuel used. You can use a natural gas hob providing it has been converted to run on LPG (butane and/or propane). As many domestic hobs are designed to run in remote homes using LPG, many manufacturers supply conversion kits. However, as with any work on boats, use a GasSafe registered installer, who is qualified for marine LPG (as the standards and practices are different to natural gas installation in homes).
One issue that you might find is that some domestic hobs (and oven/grills) require a permanent 230V supply for the ignitor to work- and, for some appliances, to run control devices such as valves or flame failure device. Those with battery ignition can be easier to fit, however a very small local 12 to 230V inverter can be a sensible solution, though the wiring thickness required may cost more than the inverter!

Mark Langley  | 3.26PM, Wednesday 29 October

All gas appliances fitted in boats MUST have flame failure protection on ALL burners, lots of domestic cookers do not have FFDs on the hob burners.

Rupert Smedley  | 8.57PM, Thursday 30 October

Readers say:

Thank you, Mark. That's really useful.

joannagreen  | 1.53PM, Thursday 30 October

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