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double glazing

How efective is double glazed windows in stopping condenstation

Asked by: george  | 1.53pm, Wednesday 29 October

WW says:

Double glazing is quite effective at reducing condensation- however, unless there is a thermal break around the frame, condensation can occur here. Oddly, some windows have decent insulation properties of the glazing, but no attempt has been made to create a thermal barrier between the inner and outer frame.
Good ventilation is one of the most important ways to reduce condensation on boats, with moist air (such as from any open fuel burning appliance, like gas hobs, plus cooking and showers) to be removed as quickly as possible.
If double glazing is used on a boat, then good ventilation is still important, as the moisture in the air will not condense out, and so humidity levels can increase (which can lead to mould spores, etc.) unless sufficient air changes per hour are carried out. The BSS ventilation requirements are an absolute minimum. Forced air extraction may be useful in addition to help keep humidity low.

Mark Langley  | 3.31PM, Wednesday 29 October

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