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Nanni Engine

i'm looking into buying a 55ft trad with a Nanni engine, however i've not come across this make of engine before, are they any good, and are they widely serviced?
Cheers M

Asked by: Mark Bromley  | 2.14pm, Saturday 1 November

WW says:

Nanni engines are well regarded in yacht markets and have been widely fitted on Narrowboats before. Nanni are a French company that marinises base engines, usually Kubota blocks. Although they have been less significant on new boats than the current "big four" of Shire (Barrus), Canaline, Vetus and Beta, they make up most of the French Inland and seagoing output. It does mean that parts are readily available and servicing is straightforward. As with all engines, as long as they pass general inspection and have been serviced regularly, they should be as reliable as other engines. Check for good oil pressure when hot, ease of starting from cold and from hot, oil condition and cooling water condition.

Mark Langley  | 11.40AM, Sunday 2 November

All engine manuals, data, etc. is available at nannidiesel.com and is an easy to navigate site. There is a UK dealer network as well.

Mark Langley  | 11.44AM, Sunday 2 November

Readers say:

Many thanks for this.

Mark Bromley  | 12.15PM, Sunday 2 November

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