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Hull Blacking

I plan to black the hull of my 40ft narrow boat this November. Can you please tell me if I need to black the base plate as well as the hull sides?

Asked by: John Phillip Lloyd  | 3.38pm, Monday 3 November

WW says:

Most boaters or the boatyards employed to black narrowboats only do the sides and leave the bottom to corrode. Painting all the underwater steelwork is the best way to prevent corrosion, and preserve the boat.
There are a multitude of reasons put forward for not painting the base plate, but the real reason is that it is not a pleasant job. It can however be made easier with a little thought; a boater recently told me how he uses a garden hoe that has been sharpened on a grindstone to scrape the bottom, since the handle is long enough to do at least half the width from the side without going under the boat, the remaining part being done from the other side. Similarly the paint can be applied with the big rollers that have cranked supports so the long pole does not hit the chine. It is best to go underneath with a brush to ensure all parts have been covered.
It is always gratifying to see how much paint remains underneath when the boat is next docked.

Rupert Smedley  | 7.13PM, Monday 3 November

Readers say:

Thanks. Your answer was very helpfull.

John Phillip Lloyd  | 11.33PM, Monday 3 November

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