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Chimney choice

Reading the boat review in December 2014 issue there is reference to 'cruising' and 'mooring' chimneys. How do I decide which is the optimum size for each?

Asked by: Donald Starr  | 12.26pm, Saturday 15 November

WW says:

Generally most solid fuel stoves stipulate a minim flue length which is often all but impossible to meet on a boat. Ideally, the mooring chimney would be as tall as you can the the cruising one as talk as you can get away with, without catching bridges or being easily swept clear by branches. Cruising chimneys are usually the shortest you can find... But they don't allow the fire to draw well.
If you have a modern twin- wall flue and matching twin wall flue, if you hit a bridge with a tall one it is more likely to do some serious damage to the boat unlike a conventional flue, as they tend to sit more tightly. Hence shorter cruising flues being popular with these units.

Mark Langley  | 10.11PM, Saturday 15 November

Apologies for the typos... Insert chimney for flue where appropriate! Tallest flue you can for mooring, tallest you think you can get away with cruising, with the general exception that the shortest chimney will be easiest to deal with.
If planning a new stove fit, or new build, try and have the stove to port, as it means that, when passing moving boats, the chimney is furthest away from trees on the starboard bank, so less likely to be swept off or caught.

Mark Langley  | 10.15PM, Saturday 15 November

Just to add to confusion- there are single wall chimney and ones with liners (which drip back products of combustion down the flue).
These are different to twin-wall chimneys which contain insulation between the inner and outer liners. These are designed to work with twin-wall (insulated) flues.
It is possible to have a single-wall chimney on a double insulated flue, but probably not recommended- worth consulting the flue/stove manufacturer for guidance, as they do vary.

Mark Langley  | 12.41PM, Monday 17 November

Readers say:

Many thanks.
I'm not sure if the current flue is single or twin wall. Are they interchangeable, i.e. a single wall short cruising flue and a larger twin walled mooring flue?

Donald Starr  | 11.03AM, Monday 17 November

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