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boiler fitting

hello, could anyone tell me the rough price of buying and getting a boiler fitting in conjunction with an existing clorfier? I would need a whole cutting in the roof for the flu and all pipework undertaken.
many thanks in advance - Mark

Asked by: Mark Bromley  | 4.16pm, Wednesday 3 December

WW says:

It is only possible to connect a boiler to an existing calorifier if it has 2 heating coils; if yours only has the coil connected to the engine, it will need to be replaced.
You do not state the boiler fuel, but it sounds like you are contemplating a multi-fuel stove with a back boiler. The best way to arrange the pipe work is to have an upward slope from the boiler; this will ensure that the water will flow around the heating circuit by convection since hot water is less dense than cold. This also enables the heat from the fire is distributed throughout the boat with radiators, but does require careful system design and the calorifier position is critical. If the calorifier is low down in the boat a pump will be required.
It is best to have a good idea of the system required to get quotes for the installation.

Rupert Smedley  | 5.42PM, Wednesday 3 December

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