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Adding antifreeze.

Hi Guys, I need to add some antifreeze to my 1496cc Kubota diesel engine cooling system. I'm familiar with changing car antifreeze but unsure about boats due to reading about "skin tanks" etc. Thanks.

Asked by: Trevor Smith  | 6.02pm, Tuesday 16 December

WW says:

The principle of changing the antifreeze or adding extra to increase the concentration on a boat is the same as for a car; the radiator is merely replaced with the skin tank.
The key item is to find a means to drain some coolant from the system; there may be a drain tap fitted to the skin tanks, or if a small amount needs to be drained, this could be via an air vent. If there is neither of these fitted, a hose will need to be loosened to release coolant. It is best to catch the antifreeze and not to merely let it run into the bilge where it could end up in the canal.
It is best to add the antifreeze as a pre-mixed solution rather than neat, but in either case the engine needs to be run for a decent time until the system is hot, to ensure that it is all thoroughly mixed.

Rupert Smedley  | 10.30AM, Wednesday 17 December

Readers say:

Thank you Rupert, received and understood.

Trevor Smith  | 5.55PM, Wednesday 17 December

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