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Your "Electrical Audit Calculator" strange results

I've recently found your site and the Audit Calculator. And used them to check my own results from a spreadsheet I created.
Now, one of us might have a problem!
My results tally with yours in the 12V lights and appliance section but when I enter my values into your calc the values are way off
eg not taking into account inverter etc loses if I enter 230W for 1 hour into my sheet I get 1Ahr (1.25Ahr inc losses). But when I enter the same values into your system I get 21.3 Ahr WHAT!!!!
Would you please look into this and advise.
Many thanks

Asked by: Docara  | 1.55pm, Wednesday 14 January

WW says:

I think the problem is yours, since 230W equates to around 20Amps at 12V (P=IV), making the 21.3Ahr figure about right. Sorry, but having mains power onboard does consume lots of battery power.

Rupert Smedley  | 3.31PM, Wednesday 14 January

Readers say:

Hi WW,
Oh bugger!!! I see where you've gone with this I've made a school boy - forgot what my old electronics lecturer once said "Watts is Watts son"
Thanks for the response

Docara  | 9.56AM, Thursday 15 January

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