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my narrowboat details

I bought a narrow boat a few years ago and I was told that there was no details of where it was built or the age I have its registration and name where can I find this info out?
regards Diane

Asked by: Diane Mc Gowan  | 3.30pm, Monday 2 February

WW says:

Your initial search can begin with 'The Boat Index', which is the only information publicly released by the navigation authorities. You'll find it online, currently on http://canalplan.org.uk/boats/
By typing just the registration no. you should find:
Name, boat builder, length, beam, draught, type of hull (metal/GRP/wood etc), horsepower of engine (or unpowered), registration no, and last recorded registration. The registry is controlled centrally, by the Canal & River Trust on behalf of all inland navigation authorities. They don't release any more information, under data protection laws, but it can give you clues.
You can pitch a question to our 'Reader's Scrapbook' section (email hugh.potter@wwonline.co.uk or see our postal address on the home page). This is particularly helpful if you have photographs. Or try the Canalworld forums (www.canalworld.net)
If the boat was registered after the Recreational Craft Directive came into force in 1998 it should have a unique registration which can help your search.

Andrew Denny  | 11.44AM, Tuesday 3 February

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