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banner batteries

I read about your suggestion for banner batteries and with interest looked at there web site and found they provide up to 250 amp hr batteries is there a benefit by going bigger as we always use 110 amp hr

Asked by: mick turner  | 10.50am, Wednesday 4 February

WW says:

110Ah batteries have seemed to be the default for the leisure market, mainly as they are fairly convenient to move around!
A general rule of thumb is not to have more than 5 batteries in any particular bank- conventional wet acid batteries can have a larger level of resistance if more are connected and seem, sometimes to develop issues.
So, if you want more capacity, it is better to have larger capacity batteries, than to physically add more to the system. for instance, many 135Ah batteries have the same footprint as 110Ah ones, but are taller, giving around 10% extra capacity.
In general (and power charging being sufficient) more capacity is better.
However, cost is another issue; 110Ah batteries tend to be quite cheap as they are common- different sized batteries may be more expensive. However, some of the larger batteries are more robustly built than some of the cheaper, fairly thin plate batteries which as passed off as various "semi-traction" and "leisure".
No matter what batteries you have, they are only as good as the charging system that goes into them. A standard alternator, without any form of external control, is unlikely to enable to battery to absorb charge as well, or utilise its maximum capacity. fitting an external regulator, or alternator-to-battery charger, can help ensure you get the most out of your batteries, reducing the charging time and increasing their lifespan.

Mark Langley  | 2.43PM, Wednesday 4 February

Another reason for opting for 110Ah batteries rather than 250Ah is that, if one battery develops a fault, you only have to replace a small one and not a large one. However, this assumes that the battery that needs replacing is reasonably new. If it is more than two or three years old, you probably need to think about replacing the whole bank as new and old batteries don't mix very well.
Alternatively, you could see how you get on with one less battery. If you have installed a solar panel or LED lighting since you last changed the batteries, you might find it works quite well.

Graham Booth  | 3.28PM, Wednesday 4 February

It is definitely better to go for larger capacity cells as Mark says; for instance if you have two 110Ahr 12V batteries in parallel, consider replacing them with two 220Ahr 6V batteries connected in series. They are a similar size and weight and you will end up with a much better system with lower self discharge.

Rupert Smedley  | 6.03PM, Wednesday 4 February

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