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Webasto went through starting sequence but failed to ignite and carry on running ? Lots of white smoke ? Now nothing !
? Sequence with reset procedure of fuses not solved it, nothing now , rest fuses ?

Asked by: vinny  | 11.03pm, Saturday 7 February

WW says:

Have you tried starting the heater with the engine running- or connected to a main power supply (via battery charger) as sometimes this happens with lower voltages, but not enough to trip the low voltage cut out.
Otherwise, it might be that the burner matrix is carbonised- sounds like there is some combustion, but not enough to get going. Another possibility is the fuel supply being interrupted. One option would be to give a Webasto agent a call- Steve Wedgwood at Kings Lock chandlery in Middlewich is a very experienced Webasto dealer for the inland waterways.

Mark Langley  | 11.14AM, Sunday 8 February

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