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Water Tank Size - 30ft Liverpool Boat

We have just purchased a 1994 30ft semi-trad by Liverpool Boats. Unfortunately the owner hasn't used her much and had very little knowledge of some of the basics. Has anyone got any idea of how big her water tank is likely to be and also whether she might have any in-line filters and maybe where to look for them? Any help appreciated!

Asked by: Debbie Frankland  | 3.34pm, Tuesday 10 February

WW says:

Hi, the water tank is probably around 100 gallons- if an integral tank.
The best way to find out is to empty the tank until the pump runs starts sucking air/water mixture. Then time how long it takes to fill a 10 litre bucket from a hose, and time how long it takes to fill the tank- the only real way of calculating volume of any tank (often boatbuilders estimates of volume are quite off!). You will need this for calculating the amount of sterlising agent to add to the tank periodically.
Any inline filter (bar the coarse strainer fitted to most water pumps) is likely to be under the galley sink- it is unusual on boats to filter the entire system. Otherwise, they could be immediately after the water pump.

Mark Langley  | 5.20PM, Tuesday 10 February

I bought a hose water meter to answer that question myself. Mine was a Gardena and I got it from Amazon at £22 (http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B006MWDQZQ)
That's a fair amount to pay just to measure your water tank, but I'm also testing water tap pressure as I go around the canal system. You can get a meter a bit more cheaply online, but not much (maybe £15). But you could always rent it out to other boaters who have the same question. Also, it's a lot quicker than trying to measure it manually.

Andrew Denny  | 12.35PM, Tuesday 3 March

Readers say:

Lol... I had a feeling it was going to be something like filling buckets to find out! Going to be a long morning at the water pump on Saturday then... she has been empty since the summer so will fill, drain and then I will know about the quanitites of cleaner etc., I need to then complete this task. Thanks for the filter info too... had no idea. Lots of boat experience in terms of motion but as they have all be hire boats we have never had to think about the domestic/engine operations before.
Love this Q&A facility!

Debbie Frankland  | 8.14AM, Wednesday 11 February

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