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vetus m2.06 engine

I have had low oil pressure light coming on after approx two hours cruising, have fitted pressure gauge what results should i be looking for?

Asked by: tbarlow  | 5.50pm, Sunday 14 December

WW says:

Generally, when hot, an oil pressure of around 30psi (2 bar) would be fairly normal. Anything less than 20psi should be a cause for concern. Cold engines will give higher pressures as the oil is more viscous at lower temperatures.

It might also be worth checking what oil you are adding, and that it matches the viscosity required by the handbook. I presume you regularly change the oil. It might be worth using a flushing oil before an oil change, especially if you have been using it off-load a lot.

If the pressure is normal, the sender for the low-pressure warning may be faulty. If the pressure is low, then you will need to see a marine engineer quite soon to avoid damage.

Mark Langley  | 9.36PM, Wednesday 17 December

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