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Can u advise on weather the solgas flameless ceramic gas hob is uk compliant on narrow boats manny thanks

Asked by: sindy  | 8.19pm, Monday 23 February

WW says:

I have just looked at the Solgas website and the flameless ceramic hob looks good and only requires a 12V power supply.
The important feature is that it should have flame failure protection on all gas burners; and this is not apparent from the blurb, but is however quite likely. It would be best to ask the Boat Safety Office for a definitive answer before fitting one to your boat.
It is likely that although it works from a 12V supply, it might not like the 11V to 15V possible range of the boat supply and it would be as well to fit a DC to DC converter to supply a regulated 12V supply.

Rupert Smedley  | 6.20PM, Tuesday 24 February

Readers say:

Thanks for the reply as it states it's flame less I did wonder how it could have a flame failure device I will check

sindy  | 7.28AM, Wednesday 25 February

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