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Conversion to LED lights

Has anybody had any experience of converting Lumo fluorescent light fittings to fit LED tubes into the housing. Is there a conversion kit out there?

Asked by: bill goad  | 4.10pm, Sunday 1 March

WW says:

There are conversion kits out there. Including OEM ones... Several companies produce them (mainly as they are so popular on caravans, as well as the marine market). You effectively bypass the internal electronics of the fluorescent tube, wiring the contacts straight to 12V DC.
They are simole to do and effective, but you will need to choose between cold and warm white options.

Mark Langley  | 6.44PM, Sunday 1 March

It's worth checking how much light these LED tubes give. Some single 6Watt LED tubes are claimed to give the same light as three 8Watt fluorescent tubes. Fine if you want more light but replacing one for one could be a bit over the top. Also, they tend to be rather pricey - one 6Watt LED tube can cost £30.
When I replaced the Fluorescent tubes in our galley, I removed the whole fitting and bought some new surface-mounted fittings with LED bulbs at £17 each. These give slightly more light than the old tube fittings and it is a more pleasant, warmer tone.
More information on LED lighting can be found in the article, Seeing the Light in the January 2013 issue of WW.

Graham Booth  | 10.22AM, Monday 2 March

By the way, the fusing should be appropriate to the wiring capacity, not just the consumers on that circuit.

Mark Langley  | 11.16AM, Monday 2 March

I know that I could/should have changed the fuses but I have to admit that, to date, I haven't.

Graham Booth  | 12.59PM, Monday 2 March

Readers say:

Thanks guys
Yes I was aware of the cost of changing to LED's - converting the LUMO fittings to take LED tubes was my aim and is a bit of a pain but I may rethink this and go with complete replacement of fittings to LED lamps
Graham did you also change the fuses on the lighting circuit to lower rating as I have noted elsewhere

bill goad  | 11.12AM, Monday 2 March

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