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Engine Temperature

Hi, Thankyou for your quick reply.
The barrus shire 50 is fitted to a 65 foot narrow boat which was fitted 2 years ago and now has 235 hrs on the clock. The thermostats have both been replaced now to rule out any problems reguarding the opening, shutting at the corrected temperature. As I said before the old were tested and performed ok.
The problem seems to be with the thermostat housing to the skin tank, after just 5mins of the engine running at 1100 rrpm in gear, there is warm water going to the skin tank. Barrus have said there is a small hole (1mm) to allow a flow to reduce back pressure. If you clamp off this pipe and run the engine after just 20 mins the temperature on the clarifier flow is 70c, return 66c and the temp gauge is showing 80c.
By clamping the pipe this gets the system working, after 45 mins the skin tank pipe was still cool between the housing and the clamp but the engine temp gauge was displaying just under 100c. My thermocouple was reading around 87,deg but I felt it was best to remove the clamp at this point. Do you know if this is common practice to have a small hole to relieve back pressure in some way, I dont think it works in this way on vehicles.

Asked by: Nick  | 5.09pm, Friday 6 March

WW says:

It is common practise for vehicle thermostats to have a small bypass hole to faciliate filling and bleed ing the system. It will therefore allow warm water past before the stat has opened.
You could fit a slightly higher temperature thermostat to the skin tank connection, but it would be as well to check your engine warranty before doing so.

Rupert Smedley  | 11.44AM, Monday 9 March

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