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Folding seat as in feb issue on dune lark narrowboat

Is there any plans or advice on building this great looking space saving seat

Asked by: catherine sloan  | 10.34am, Sunday 15 March

WW says:

This type of seat, like on Dune Lark, is one that has been fitted for many years by UK Boat HIre, starting out when they were Alverchurch Boat Centres. The seat is mounted on a strong spring-mounted catch, with reinforcing behind the hull-side lining to ensure that the potentially substantial load (greater than 150kg per catch!) can safely be carried without deformation. I am sure that a call or email to UK Boat Hire would enable you to get more details.
Another, possibly simpler, solution is to use a folding seat, mounted with a fairly basic bracket against the cabin side. Two "Desmo" removeable legs can be fitted below (much like many boat tables on dinettes) so that the support is taken to the floor, rather than on the hull side (so saving reinforcing the hull side lining). You could also compose a seat with fold-out wooden legs to serve the same purpose. However, plans dont generally exist- like many fittings on boats, as every one is slightly different, it can be difficult to give hard-and-fast dimensions.
A good boat fitter/joiner would be able to produce one quite easily.

Mark Langley  | 11.43AM, Monday 16 March

Catherine, we featured this q&a in our June issue, and a gent has written in to say he has exactly that type of seat to give away free to a good home! (Collect only - He's at Stourport on Severn).
If you care to email me at a.denny@wwonline.co.uk I can put you in touch).

Andrew Denny  | 5.24PM, Monday 22 June

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