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Bollard mooring

Its an assumption, I'm not a narrow-boater, I'm in USA editing an article, are canal bollard moorings for temporary, live mooring; rather than secure long term mooring? I've seen them on approach of a lock.

Asked by: rmalcolm  | 7.40pm, Sunday 15 March

WW says:

The position of mooring facilities are more important than their functions for long or short term use. If the bollards (or rings) are directly above/below a lock, then they are designed as temporary moorings, for use while setting/waiting for a lock, bridge or other facility (such as water points).
Most permanent moorings tend to be rings, as they are more secure. however, some mooring use bollards (especially those on commercial waterways) which can be used as well.

Mark Langley  | 11.38AM, Monday 16 March

Readers say:

Thank you, quite a detailed reply, much appreciated.

rmalcolm  | 4.20PM, Thursday 19 March

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