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12v/24v TV

Can anyone recommend a 15" LCD TV with built in DVD and freeview that is 12v/24v please?

Asked by: Loulabelle  | 5.29pm, Wednesday 17 December

WW says:

RoadPro is always a good bet for 12-volt TVs. You can weigh up the different models they stock at http://www.roadpro.co.uk/retail/product_level_2.aspx?prod=12V+TV,+24V+TV,+DVD+and+Video .

Richard Fairhurst  | 2.10PM, Thursday 18 December

Readers say:

We bought a cheap one from Tesco. Cost £90 and works well. It has a 12V apapter that is usually plugged into the mains but you can apapt it yourself to 12V working easily.

David Brown  | 5.03PM, Saturday 5 December

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