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Mooring hook, how do you attach it to a chain with rings?

I'm an armchair narrowboat enthusiast in USA. I saw a youtube video, subject: using a mooring hook on a chain with rings, wondering how do you attached the two, do you (1) feed one of the chain-rings from the open end to the closed end of the mooring-hook, (2) attach the mooring-hook to the chain with a chain-loop by passing the small ring through the large ring?

Asked by: rmalcolm  | 5.21pm, Thursday 19 March

WW says:

Everyone has their own favourite ways to moor a boat. Personally, I would use a mooring hook OR a chain, but not both.
I use the 'L' shaped hooks for mooring to 'Armco' type metal piling. I find the 'L' shaped mooring hooks easier to use that the 'safety pin' type. To judge by the number of the latter type that I have found left on the Armco piling, they are much easier to forget when you leave the mooring.
I use the chain for other horizontal rails that are not suitable for hooks. If one ring will pass through the other, you can do this and then pass the rope through the smaller ring. If they are both the same size, you can pass the rope through both rings.

Graham Booth  | 6.06PM, Thursday 19 March

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