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Re-skinning a GRP ROOF AND SIDES

we have been rather taken with a dartline narrowboat that has a steel hull and grp top and sides. A survey has revealed the roof needs strengthening and re-skinning, she is 53ft and I hoping someone could help us with a rough price how much it would cost to put it right.

Asked by: aaron tweed  | 6.58pm, Sunday 22 March

WW says:

These GRP topped boats were quite common in the 1970s, but are often showing their age these days. Many have had steel tops fitted, but the fibreglass can be repaired; this is however probably better tackled by a boatyard that repairs or builds cruisers than a steel narrowboat yard.
The top can be strengthened by laying on an extra layer of glass fibre matt and resin, the tricky bit is getting a decent finish. The top surface is the gell coat which is put into the mould first to get a smooth surface, doing it in the reverse order is more difficult. Another method might be to strengthen the beams inside and repair the outer gell coat.
As to the cost, the only way to get an estimate is to talk to someone who would be able to do the job.

Rupert Smedley  | 11.47AM, Monday 23 March

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