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Trying to locate hard copy of BSS Essential Guide [2nd Edition]. CRT Website no help!
Any ideas?

Asked by: Michael Clement  | 4.59pm, Monday 30 March

WW says:

I have some of these as do several BSS examiners; they are however a bit out of date as some of the specific checkpoints have changed slightly and there are now some additional 230V AC advisory checks.
They are still a useful guide to the main points covered by the Boat Safety Scheme.
I would be happy to send you one for a small fee, or you might find that your local examiner can provide one.
Contact me directly at rupert.smedley@waterwaysworld.com

Rupert Smedley  | 6.28PM, Monday 30 March

Readers say:

Thanks Rupert. Mike Clement

Michael Clement  | 12.03PM, Wednesday 1 April

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