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when I run the taps the electric cuts out

When I run the tap or flush the loo the electric goes off we are connected to shore power ? The batteries say charging

Asked by: Denise DelRosso  | 7.47pm, Monday 6 April

WW says:

When you run the water pump or operate a macerator toilet it is probably causing a temporary voltage drop due to these being high current devices.
Since your boat is connected to shore power, your DC power will generally come from the battery charger; however when a high current device is operated such as the water pump, this current will come from the batteries as it will be higher than the charger capacity. If your batteries are failing they will not be able to supply the high currents and will need replacing; or you could have a bad connection somewhere that is limiting the current.
The easy way to check is to monitor the battery voltage on the battery with a multi-meter whilst someone operates the water pump; if the voltage drops dramatically the batteries are at fault, if it stays fairly constant there is a wiring fault.

Rupert Smedley  | 11.57AM, Friday 10 April

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