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Changing layout

Is it straightforward to change a double bed area into a dinette and an area housing 2 singles into a crossover double? Would work like this be costly?

Asked by: Adele Gregory  | 10.16pm, Sunday 12 April

WW says:

The space taken up by a 4ft x 6ft 6in double bed is exactly the same as a Pullman style dinette so the answer to the first part of your question is 'yes'. Assuming the two single beds are opposite one another on either side of a corridor, it should be possible to replace them with a thwartships double bed. However, depending on the thickness of the hull insulation and lining, this may not be as long as a lengthways double bed. If you are on the tall side, try measuring the width of the boat at bed height first.
It sounds as if you are considering a permanent change from double bed to dinette but it is not difficult to design it so that you can convert the dinette back to a double bed if required. We have this arrangement on our own boat and it takes about five minutes to change from one mode to another.
As for the price - how long is a piece of mooring rope? It depends on how much disruption there will be to the rest of the boat, what type of materials are required and how complicated the design needs to be - to name but a few. Your best bet is to decide what you want and discuss your plans with some local boatbuilders or fitters. If you need to help with the design, The Waterways World Guide to Narrowboat Planning has information and illustrations of double beds and dinettes.

Graham Booth  | 10.49AM, Monday 13 April

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