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inverter or generator

I will need to fit out my boat on a mooring without electricity on site. I can do most of the heavy duty cutting and routing at home but I will need to use some power tools on site. Cordless drill no problem but for heavier duty drilling, jigsawing, grinding, sanding etc am I better to get a generator or an inverter? The most powerful tool I anticipate using is an 850w drill but I understand that power on start up is higher, so what size inverter woulde I need? Also can I use a blowlamp for heat shrink tubing or must it be a heat gun, in which case I'm going to need to get 2000w from somewhere? Many thanks.

Asked by: Neil  | 9.48am, Wednesday 22 April

WW says:

Each of the two options has advantages and disadvantages. Although a generator might initially seem to be the best solution; the temptation to store it (possibly with spare petrol) in the cabin for security when not in use would be contrary to BSS requirements and lead to a significant fire risk.
Assuming that you might wish to have a 230V AC system on your boat when finished, it would be safer to install an inverter early on to aid the fitting out process. A reasonable size for most power tools would be 1200VA, but the speed control circuitry would work best with a sine wave inverter. Heat shrink tubing can indeed be shrunk using a blow lamp, but it does require care to avoid burning the plastic.

Rupert Smedley  | 10.59AM, Wednesday 22 April

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