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Battery Placement

The hydraulic bow thruster reservoir on my 57 foot cruiser stern leaves insufficient room for all my [5] leisure batteries.Can I place some under [well ventilated] rear steps? If not,any other bright ideas out there ? !.

Asked by: Michael Clement  | 2.28pm, Monday 27 April

WW says:

It is indeed perfectly permissible to put batteries within the cabin space, indeed this is in fact often a much better position than tucked away inaccessibly on the swim of a narrowboat. If you intend using the boat in all seasons the batteries will perform and last much better for not being subjected to the temperature extremes of the average engine compartment.
It is best to put all the batteries in one place if possible in a ventilated box. Ease of access will also facilitate the regular maintenance that gives a good service life.

Rupert Smedley  | 4.35PM, Monday 27 April

One thing to consider is the battery cables- if they are significantly longer than if there were on the swim, consider fitting thicker cable to avoid voltage drop (and potential heating) especially if you have a high output alternator.
Also, take care with the cables passing through the engine room bulkhead- they may need careful routing to avoid them becoming bent or damaged- ideally pass through at 90 degrees to the bulkhead, supported by grommets to allow the vibration of the cables from the engine to be absorbed, by allowing the cables a slight degree of flex, which avoids damage.
Rupert is absolutely right pointing out that many batteries are in almost completely inaccessible locations, unless you are a contortionist! You may be able to arrange ducted high level ventilation into the cabin side bulkhead to remove any hydrogen produced during battery gassing

Mark Langley  | 9.08PM, Monday 27 April

Readers say:

Thank you Rupert and Mark, your comments are helpful and appreciated.
Being nearly 70, mauling batteries in and out of the engine compartment will soon be beyond me !

Michael Clement  | 6.23PM, Tuesday 28 April

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