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hurleston locks

hi can anyone tell me the max beam to fit in the first lock at hurleston many thanks.

Asked by: andy wakler  | 9.22am, Friday 1 May

WW says:

The bottom two locks at Hurleston are indeed tight and do prevent passage to some boats, there has long been a sign reminding boaters not to have fenders out in the lock. The exact gauge of which boats will fit is officially 6' 10", but there are boats built to this size that no longer fit, although they have previously passed with ease. It does however depend very much on the length and shape of the boat. Going up backwards can sometimes make a difference.
CRT have recently undertaken some works to shave some tight points to alleviate the problem, but the only way to discover whether a specific boat can get through or not is to try.

Rupert Smedley  | 11.13AM, Friday 1 May

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