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Narrowboat yards

Can anybody recommend a boatyard that does grit blasting and plating etc near Nantwich. Thanks

Asked by: joe   | 9.20pm, Monday 11 May

WW says:

I have no direct experience of them, and so cannot give a recommendation, but Aqueduct Boat Services at Aqueduct Marina on the Middlewich Arm advertises that it does welding and grit blasting. They are a fairly short cruise from Nantwich so may be worth considering. Call on 01270 525046 or visit http://www.aqueductboatservices.co.uk/.
And if you are having the hull grit blasted, it is well worth investing in a two part epoxy paint to prolong its life.

Graham Booth  | 8.34PM, Wednesday 13 May

Readers say:

There are many Narrowboat yards near Nantwich. There aim is to ensure that you have a truly enjoyable and memorable holiday experience. Enjoy a day out along the canal in our purpose built day canal boat.

Sofia David  | 7.18AM, Tuesday 16 June

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