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How big of a boat can u fit in a 40ft canal

how big of a boat can u fit in a 40ft canal

Asked by: amy   | 3.25am, Wednesday 13 May

WW says:

The structures of a particular waterway dictate the maximum dimensions of boats that can pass, and these are published by the navigation authority.
For the narrow canal system this was famously laid down by James Brindley as 7ft wide by 70ft long, and the narrow boat was born.
There are however instances where a boat is launched into a section of canal that is too big to pass through the locks; the best case of this practise was on the Wolverhampton level of the BCN where Hampton boats were used that were 8 or 9ft wide and about 80 to 90ft long.

Rupert Smedley  | 7.41PM, Wednesday 13 May

If you were referring to the 40ft drain which is part of the Middle Levels, the boat size is dictated by the bend at Whittlesey and Stanground Sluice; a wide boat 49ft long and 11.5 ft wide or a 70ft narrowboat.

Rupert Smedley  | 12.44PM, Thursday 14 May

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