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starting a BMC engine

Ihave a bmc 1.5 engine in my narrowboat.It as always been a problem starting so I had 4 new glowplugs fitted and the holes were cleaned out using a drillbit. It is still a problem to start and I usually take 30sec to 1 minute on the key to warm the plugs. If I use Easy Start it starts 1st time but I have told that Easy Start is not ideal. Any ideas.
D Gibbons.
NB Lazy Daze.

Asked by: david gibbons  | 9.43am, Wednesday 10 June

WW says:

Firstly- avoid easy start like the plague! It is ether based and does not make for good engine running - it can strip the bores of lubricant, as well as eventually reducing compression.
On an old BL1.5 30 seconds heating is not unusual for starting- and as long As you have good electrical connection between the heater plugs it should be fine. Sometimes, depending on which mariniser did the engine, the ground return via the plug body into the engine block can be poor, leading to poor heating.
You can obtain a BL1.5 engine manual and workshop book from Calcutt Boats, and they are also a superb source of advice for all things BL, having mariniser both the 1.5 and 1.8 for a long time, and still supply spare parts.
You may also wish to check the electrical supply to the plugs, as the high current draw can mean that thinner wires, or poor connections, leads to poor quality heating at the plugs. Terminals should be clean and grease-free, and all wire to connectors should be sound, and high quality. It is not usual for wiring to decay over a period of time, so it's resistance increases, leading to poor performance of the heater plugs.
Just don't use Easy start unless you really really have to!

Mark Langley  | 10.42AM, Wednesday 10 June

I will also reinforce Mark's advice to NOT use Ezzy Start; it will ruin the engine.

Rupert Smedley  | 12.36PM, Wednesday 10 June

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