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navigomarine boatbuilder

Does navigo marine still exist?ABC no longer represent them and website not clear!Who supplies nbs at budget end of market?similar to navigo Trent,see WW,Oct2013

Asked by: David JL Martin  | 5.07pm, Thursday 11 June

WW says:

I cannot find any reference to Navigo Marine, despite me reviewing their boats a few years ago.
Boats at the more budget end of the market that might be worth considering at Aintree Boats, the Calcutt Clipper from Calcutt Boats and Dursley and Hurst boatbuilders. They all produce quite low cost boats, but all very well fitted out to a high standard. All three have been reviewed by WW in recent years.
What type of boat are you looking at- we might then be able to make other suggestions.

Mark Langley  | 6.39PM, Thursday 11 June

Readers say:

something like the navigo trent,semi-trad,with 2+2 berths and space for children to sleep.some tailoring is essential,due to disability.cost;60-70k
thx for response,found your original report v.impressive,DM.

David JL Martin  | 9.27AM, Friday 12 June

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