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BW will not pay for damage to our boat because of poor BW work.

Is there anyway I can get BW to pay for damage caused to our boat by their poor upkeep of towpath. It happened 18 June this year (2008) and so far no joy.

Asked by: Jean Suter  | 6.32pm, Tuesday 30 December

WW says:

The standard practice is that you escalate a complaint through BW's Internal Complaints Procedure, and if that doesn't get you anywhere, go to the Waterways Ombudsman. The ICP is documented at http://www.britishwaterways.co.uk/listening-to-you/if-you-have-a-complaint and the Ombudsman's site is at http://www.waterways-ombudsman.org/ .

Richard Fairhurst  | 12.51PM, Monday 5 January

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