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How to identifying a leak?

I have a leak in the front of my boat, near where the water tank is. After being away for a few weeks earlier this year, I returned to find my water tank was empty (it was nearly full before I left) and water in one end of my hull (the bulkhead on that side is sealed so water couldn't get into the rest of the hull). So as far as I can work out, its either the water pump, the water tank or the hose. But how do I identify specifically where it is so I can work out what to do next... ? None of it is very easiely accessible. Thanks!

Asked by: kirsty  | 12.34pm, Saturday 11 July

WW says:

The only way to find the source is to work through it systematically.
Did you leave the water pump on when you left the boat? This is not advisable as in the event of a leak in the pipe work or frost damage; the pump will run and flatten the battery whilst emptying the water tank into the boat, giving two problems.
Assuming that the pump was switched off; examine the pipe work between the pump and the tank for obvious signs of damage. If all looks fine refill the tank and repeat the examination. At this point it will usually become apparent what the problem is; whether it is a failed joint or pipe or the pump itself. If the source of the leak has not been revealed, it might be the tank itself that has split or corroded creating a leak.
By revealing the tank and the base plate in the immediate vicinity the path of the water can be traced to the source.
Good Luck!

Rupert Smedley  | 2.11PM, Saturday 11 July

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