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I have a 57x10 wide beam currently heated with a webasto diesel central heating system. I have never been very happy with this. Can anyone advise what would be good to change the webasto 'firebox' for?

Asked by: val smith  | 12.40pm, Monday 13 July

WW says:

Often its not the heating system itself like Webasto, but how it is fitted and used. We ran an article "The Burning Question" a few years ago [available as an article download on this site] which gives good advice on how to ensure that these forced-air heating systems can be made to work properly- often they are fitted poorly (poor electrical, incorrect plumbing including pipe sizes, poor diesel supply, etc.) this might then give you more information about how your system is fitted. Otherwise, replacing your Webasto with another heating system might just lead to the same problems you are experiencing now!

Mark Langley  | 1.38PM, Monday 13 July

Please do let us know if we can give any specific advice to your system.
One big issue is using these types of heater just to try and heat a calorifier- its a big ask and a recipe for failure of the heater (as the calorifier cannot transfer the thermal load at the rate it is produced by the heater, even on its lowest setting, so the heater cycles too much). Compounded with incorrect plumbing, fuel supply and poor electrical feed, no wonder that the heaters fail.

Mark Langley  | 2.25PM, Monday 13 July

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val smith  | 2.08PM, Monday 13 July

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