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Engine Change - Mechanical v Hydraulic Gearbox

Following my earlier question about an engine change, what are the pros and cons of mechanical and hydraulic gearboxes? My current box is hydraulic but I see I could save several hundred pounds by selecting, say, a Shire 38 with a PRM120 rather than a Shire 40 with a PRM150 whilst only losing 2 bhp Both engines have the same displacement so presumably the torque can't be very different?

Asked by: Clive Dutson  | 5.12pm, Monday 13 July

WW says:

A mechanical gearbox is fine, f you are careful with using it... Oil operated ones are more robust (hence why selected by hire companies, for example), but for most private owners, mechanical gearboxes are fine. They also tend not to need auxiliary cooling like oil operated ones. However, accurate alignment can more critical to ensure longevity- some people advise a thrust bearing to take the propulsion load fro, a ,echanical gearbox, though most seem to cope perfectly fine without.
For most private boaters it comes down to personal choice.

Mark Langley  | 9.06PM, Monday 13 July

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