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pump out

As on our new boat the gunwales are only 3 inches is there any reason why the pump fittings cant go on the side instead

Asked by: george  | 5.58pm, Wednesday 15 July

WW says:

When you say the side, I assume you mean in the cabin side or hull side. Either of these is likely to mean that there is a right angle bend in the pipe from the holding tank to the skin fitting which may encourage blockages or an incomplete pump-out. It may also allow effluent to leak from the fitting and enter the canal.
Another possibility is to have the skin fitting in the roof. This means that the effluent has to rise a greater distance but commercial pump-out machines should have no problem dealing with the extra height. This arrangement also has the advantage that it makes no difference which way round you moor - the pump-out hose can reach from either side just as easily.

Graham Booth  | 11.30AM, Thursday 16 July

I forgot to mention - I have had this arrangement on our boat which was built in 1991 and it has never produced a problem.

Graham Booth  | 11.44AM, Thursday 16 July

I completely agree with Graham- roof mounted pump out outlets are very useful and much better than trying to fit on the cabin side.

Mark Langley  | 11.54AM, Thursday 16 July

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