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Battery size

I have been offered a good deal on a 12v 115AH starter battery. Can this be used to replace a 12v 110AH battery without any charging issues? The narrowboat is a 60ft Aqualine Madison. Thank You

Asked by: Alan Denney  | 2.56pm, Thursday 16 July

WW says:

If you are using the 115Ah as a starter battery there is no issue. Going smaller would potentially cause issues (with less cold cranking amps available in winter, for example. Also, obviously, a starter battery is not suitable for use on the domestic side, as it is designed to give high currents for short periods- the opposite of what a leisure battery does!

Mark Langley  | 3.32PM, Thursday 16 July

Readers say:

thank you for your response.

Alan Denney  | 3.51PM, Thursday 16 July

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