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Hello, I have 2 problems I would like help with. I have 57ft cruiser stern with a Barus Shanks 35 engine. when cruising along, If I suddenly pull the throttle lever back into tickover, the engine sometimes stalls. if I pull it back slowly its ok, but when I pull it back quickly it stalls. The other problem I am having is with thw starter motor. When I turn the key Not every time but mostly, the starter just clicks. Sometimes it starts after just a few attempts but most of the time it can take 10 to 20 turns of the key before the starter works. I happened with the previous starte motor so I replaced it with a brand new one but it is still the same. Can you please help. regards,,,, Phil

Asked by: philip wiggin  | 6.54pm, Monday 20 July

WW says:

The idle speed of the engine might be set just a bit too low. In this case, when the throttle is closed abruptly the engine can die before the governor has a chance to react. There will be a screw to set the idle speed; try increasing it by half a turn or so.
The clicking starter motor sounds more like a poor battery or a bad connection. If it does eventually work fine with the engine being turned over quickly, it will be a bad connection or a faulty isolation switch.

Rupert Smedley  | 10.15PM, Monday 20 July

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