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Are you in need of an umbrella under £9?

Go to link below. [I do not have any connection to the company for this link or any other connection to it]. http://www.dragoncarpdirect.com/dragon-carp-fishing-umbrella-943188?colcode=94318816&utm_source=dragoncarp-150807&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=FishOnFriday-150807

Asked by: Gary  | 11.05pm, Friday 7 August

Readers say:

This is the only time I will past here for a product but thought it was too good to miss out on. 45" umbrella for keeping dry at the Tiller. Just weld a short tube to stick the pole of the umbrella into for hands free umbrella operation. ;)

Gary  | 11.11PM, Friday 7 August

Narrowboating is an outdoor pursuit water wont hurt second people who hide under umbrellas hit things so man up

george  | 2.16PM, Saturday 8 August

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