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single-handed boat hire

I would like to see if I would enjoy a narrowboat. Everywhere I look it says try a holiday first but I am on my own. Does anyone know of a company which would hire to a single-hander?

Asked by: Tony Child  | 8.45am, Tuesday 11 August

WW says:

Most hire companies will not be able to hire to a single-hander, as it would in all likelihood invalidate their insurance, which will require a "competant crew"
Some companies have in the past allowed single-handed hiring, but only to very experienced boaters. If you are taking a boat out for the first time, single-handing would be very challenging and could actually be dangerous, especially around locks.
One option would be to consider taking a helming course with an RYA operator, and discuss single-handing with them; then you may be able to persuade a hire company that you are capable of single-handing a boat- though this is not guaranteed. An RYA Inland course is very useful anyway for those starting out. There are a list of good providers in WW magazine every month.

Mark Langley  | 9.57AM, Tuesday 11 August

Readers say:

Thanks for your help. I will look into a RYA course and perhaps they might let me try on my own for acouple of days. Not ideal but better than nothing.

Tony Child  | 8.38AM, Wednesday 12 August

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