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Window catches fall off

Has anyone found a better way than I have of fixng aluminium window catches to the glass panes? I use superglue but they're forever falling off.

Asked by: Paul Taylor  | 2.13pm, Sunday 23 August

WW says:

Glass is a difficult medium to glue as it is not absorbent and very smooth; the key to success is getting both surfaces extremely clean.
There are specially formulated glues for attaching fittings to glass, such as those used for attaching car rear view mirrors to windscreens. Try a decent car accessory shop for a suitable glue.

Rupert Smedley  | 3.21PM, Sunday 23 August

Readers say:

Standard or quick setting Araldite works for us but scrape off any old glue with a window paint-remover scrapper and clean with meths. Clamp to bolt to the window until the glue is set.

Clive Dutson  | 12.50PM, Tuesday 1 September

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