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Short Jetty

I am looking for tips for mooring against a short jetty (less than half the length of the boat).
I only have T mooring points on the 2 rear edges and 1 front centre. At the moment I am struggling to stop the front swinging out without having a line rubbing the side of the cabin. The boat is backed in as I don't have a front door.
Can I drill into the gunnel and add a point midway down?
Any advice would be appreciated.

Asked by: Adam Savory  | 8.57pm, Tuesday 8 September

WW says:

The best solution would be to use a mud weight onto the bow Tee stud.
This could be any heavy weight or a bucket filled with concrete and a length of chain, securely attached to a rope with a float. In this way the mud weight can be left in situ when you leave the pontoon and picked up upon return. This will stop the bow swinging around.

Rupert Smedley  | 10.58PM, Tuesday 8 September

You could make a mudweight by using a large flowerpot (say 12" in diameter) and fill it with concrete and steel scrap- though you will want to embed a ring in the bottom of the pot (as this would be the top when finished). This, then painted with a rubber finish paint to avoid scratching paintwork, would be in the 10 to 20kg range- which is typical of a mudweight used to anchor boats on the Broads, for example.
It is possible to add cleats to a side deck, but the engineering required to make them recessed is quite difficult. You could add cleats or bollards to the deck, as there are bolt-on units, but they would more likely be more of a trip hazard than useful.

Mark Langley  | 10.46AM, Tuesday 15 September

Readers say:

Thanks for the help, how much weight do you think I will need?

Adam Savory  | 7.02PM, Monday 14 September

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