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Should the hot water enter the skin tank at the top or bottom of tank mine is going to the bottom.I Have I have long pipes from engine room to skin tank. Having cooling problems.

Asked by: Alan Milchard  | 8.44pm, Sunday 13 September

WW says:

It does indeed sound as though your skin tank is plumbed incorrectly; the hot pipe from the top of the engine should go to the top of the tank with cold water being drawn from the bottom. Connected the other way round will work to a degree, but will not be so efficient; this is because cold water is more dense than hot and sinks.
Whilst you are sorting out the pipe work it would be a good opportunity to give the tank a good flush out and fill the system with a pre- mixed solution of antifreeze.

Rupert Smedley  | 9.57AM, Monday 14 September

If you continue to have cooling issue, you could plumb a heat exchanger in the return (or, more easily in a calorifier take off- even if a calorifier is not fitted) which can be used to dump excess thermal energy if the engine starts to overheat. A plate heat exchanger, such as the Alde one, could remove around 7hp worth of thermal load, and give "free" heating while underway. An alternative is to use a car heater (from a scrapyard), which can simply remove the thermal load into the air overboard.

Mark Langley  | 10.43AM, Tuesday 15 September

Readers say:

Thank you Rupert that does make a lot of sense I will do as you serjest I also have a electric pump to put in the return. I think my problems will be resolved.Alan.

Alan Milchard  | 4.48PM, Monday 14 September

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