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Boat review with heat exchanger fitted.

can you tell me which magazine had a boat review with a adler heat exchanger fitted.

Asked by: Rowan Marriott  | 11.42pm, Tuesday 29 September

WW says:

One that springs straight to mind is "Art Deco Afloat", which was a review of a Steve Hudson boat called Sarah Kay- this was fitted with an Alde heat exchanger, to tap into heat from the engine, This was reviewed in the August 2014 edition of Waterways World.
In my own boat, I have fitted a Alde heat exchanger in the return from the calorifier to the engine- and it very effectively both heats the boat and dumps additional thermal load from the engine when running hard- I use a seperate 12V circulation pump to run the system.

Mark Langley  | 12.16PM, Wednesday 30 September

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