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Water tank size for constant cruiser?

I am considering getting a narrowboat in London and was wondering, if I'm a constant cruiser, what size water tank should I get, and how regularly do you recommend I top it up/clean it out?

Asked by: Chloe T  | 5.29pm, Tuesday 27 October

WW says:

The answer depends very much on the quantity of water you will use, and how often you are prepared to top-up. If you are genuinely continuously cruising then topping up should not be a problem as you would pass at least one, if not a couple, of water points daily.
Most new boats will have a water tank of the 200 to 600 litre size- though some boats will have larger. Assuming daily showers and washing up, you would probably need to top up between every other day and once a week. If yo have appliances such as washing machins aboard, you will use a considerably larger volume of water.
As for cleaning, you should aim to properly disinfect the system at least once every six months. You may also consider disinfecting the hose pipe more frequently, as this is a greater source of potential pathogens.
Remember that, if you are considering living in London as a continuous cruiser, you must follow the rules set down by CRT, otherwise you may be breaching the licence conditions. It is worth considering that the advice from CRT is that continuous cruising is not compatible with working and living in one particular place, as it puts strain on visitor moorings and facilities. A continuous cruise is a genuine, progressive cruise around the canal and river system, not isolated to one place. CRT are taking a firmer line with this. The Residential Boat Owners Association (www.rboa.org.uk)are an excellent source of advice for living afloat.

Mark Langley  | 6.31PM, Tuesday 27 October

I should also add that not just topping up the tank every time, but allowing the tank to empty fully every now and then, before refilling, will help keep the contents clean. A tank that is used is more likely to keep clean than a tank which is used intermittently. We have an article available on how to disinfect the water system and look after it on the website.

Mark Langley  | 6.34PM, Tuesday 27 October

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