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Victron energy monitor

I use a Victron energy monitor and I find it extremely useful for knowing the state of charge of my batteries. I recently made the mistake of using a slow cooker while moored up for a couple of days. My batteries dropped to about 75%, which isn't really a problem because I have a couple of 100w solar pannels which charge the batteries when I'm hooked up in a marina (I usually am). When I got back to the marina, over a couple of days I watched the charge increase by about 5% per day. But, from being on 85%, an hour later I glanced at the monitor and it was saying 100%? Why would that be. My batteries don't charge when I'm hooked up, I rely completely on solar to recharge them.

Asked by: Carl  | 11.38am, Wednesday 28 October

WW says:

Battery monitors generally work by monitoring the current flow in and out of the battery voltage along with the voltage; from this information the microprocessor estimates the stored energy. Small measurement errors can build up over time to give an inaccurate estimate, but when it detects that the battery is fully charged or "On Float", it will reset itself. Thus the reading could have jumped unexpectedly when your solar panels finally managed to get the batteries up to the point when the monitor decided they were fully charged.

Rupert Smedley  | 1.34PM, Wednesday 4 November

Readers say:

Ah, thanks, that's brilliant and makes perfect sense.

Carl  | 1.38PM, Wednesday 4 November

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