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Sterling inverter

In the the three years I've had my boat I've had two cheap inverters, which have broken. 1 actually exploded in a cloud of smoke and blue flames!! This led me to buy a 3500w Sterling pure sine. Now this works perfectly (touch wood) and runs everything. However, the fan always seems to be on and it's quite noisy. When I run something like my coffee machine, the fan becomes much louder, so it's obviously working as it should. But should the fan always be on? Neither of the other two inverters ran their fans until voltage was being used (or the fridge kicked in). Is this a Sterling thing?

Asked by: Carl  | 11.43am, Wednesday 28 October

WW says:

I have a Sterling inverter but it is an 1800Watt, modified sine wave unit. Most of the time, the fan does not run but, in warmer weather and especially if we are using a hair dryer, it does cut in.
Yours is a newer and much bigger unit so it may be that it creates more heat and therefore needs more cooling.
To get a definitive answer, I would contact Sterling Power Products. I have always found them very helpful and the query is often answered by Charles Sterling himself. You can ring on 01905 771771 or email via http://sterling-power.com/pages/contact-us

Graham Booth  | 2.41PM, Saturday 7 November

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