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TV Licence

If I use one of my home televisions on my Narrowboat, do I need another Licence? Advise please.

Asked by: Michael Clement  | 6.16pm, Monday 9 November

WW says:

A seperate TV licence is not required for a boat or caravan, as it is covered by your home licence. This does assume that live television is not being watched in both locations at the same time. Nowadays it does not need to be a dedicated Television that is being used, as a computer or mobile device can be used to watch programmes; it is the action of watching a live transmission that is licensed.
The licence fee is the main income stream for the BBC.

Rupert Smedley  | 8.27PM, Monday 9 November

According to the TV Licensing website, boats, along with touring caravans and vehicles, do not need a TV licence as they are covered by the owner's main home TV licence.

Graham Booth  | 8.35PM, Monday 9 November

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