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As my previous question was a little vague I thought I would be a bit more technical. What I need is to nset up a wifi system within the boat to operate laptops wifi speaker system .I would also like to know the best type of antenna to fit to the outside of the boat to receive the signal from outside

Asked by: Tom Grocott  | 5.23pm, Wednesday 20 January

Readers say:

When you say "signal from outside", what are you trying to connect to?
If you want internet / wifi inside but you do not have external wifi to connect to then you need some mobile phone type technology. I have Mifi (note the Mi bit ), it takes a 3G / 4G SIM and does the internet bit, inside you will have Wifi for upto 16 units. It costs mobile phone based charges.
If you have wifi outside then you want a wifi range extender with external antenna, these normally copy the wifi ID (and adds something to make it unique) and it relays the connection.

Martin  | 8.33PM, Thursday 28 January

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