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wooden boat repair

HI there, I am considering purchasing a wooden narrowboat and am looking for someone that would be able to do some re-skinning and replace floor and treat bilges. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Asked by: Amanda Kelleher  | 2.33pm, Monday 25 January

WW says:

My first piece of advice would be 'don't do it'. Timber may seem an ideal material for a boat but it needs constant attention and maintenance if it is to stay sound and not start to rot - as the one you are considering seems to have done.
There are many steel narrowboats for sale and, although these also need maintenance, it is nothing like the amount needed by wooden boat. Also, depending on the type of construction of the boat you have in mind, a steel boat will probably stand up to the inevitable knocks and bumps of canal cruising a lot better.
If you are still determined to go ahead, the name that springs to mind is Bates Boatyard and Dry Dock at Bulbourne on the Grand Union Canal - 01296 632017. This company specialises in building, restoring, maintaining, and selling wooden boats.

Graham Booth  | 10.46AM, Tuesday 26 January

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